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Moyamba District


Moyamba is in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone with borders to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Port Loko and Tonkolili to the north, Bo to the east and Bonthe to the south. It is the largest district in the Southern Region, occupying a total area of 6,934.4 Km2 and comprises of fourteen chiefdoms. The main ethnic groups are Mende, Sherbro, Temne and Loko. The main economic activities include mining (rutile and bauxite), fishing, rice growing and oil palm plantations. In the coastal chiefdoms, salt production has also traditionally been an important economic activity.  The port of Nitti in Banta chiefdom provides the only deep water port in the south suitable for direct mechanical loading and off-loading. The district’s major weekly trade fair takes place near Gbangbatok in Banta chiefdom, and goods are traded directly here with suppliers coming by boat from Freetown and Guinea.

While sea fishing is conducted along the coast, the main center is in Shenge in Kagboro Chiefdoms. This was traditionally also one of the main boat building locations in the country. Its capital and largest city is Moyamba. The district has an estimated population of 260,910 as at 2004 census. The district has a history of producing some of Sierra Leone's most prominent politicians, including Sir Milton Margai, who lead Sierra Leone to independence in 1961. John Akar a Sierra Leonean entertainer, writer, and journalist, who composed the music for the Sierra Leone National Anthem came from Moyamba District.

Satellite view of Moyamba town, Sierra Leone

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