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The Moyamba Descendants Foundation is a tax exempt non-profit, publicly supported
charitable foundation under the provisions of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal
Revenue Code. All contributions/donations are tax deductible under section 170
of the Code. Please refer to the Internal Revenue Public Charity Status: 170 (b)
(1) (A) (vi). Contributions to the foundation are deductible

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The Foundation is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises,transfers or
gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code, as classified under public charity…

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The Foundation aims to accomplishing its mission through acquisition, management
and disbursement of philanthropic assets inorder to build support for the Foundation
within the community.
Agricultural projects that Moyamba Descendants Foundation would embark on will
go towards the procurement of tractors, harvesters, motor bikes KVA generator
and quantum of rice seeds. The main thrust of the project is to develop local
farmers through the supply of seeds and use of machinery for agricultural
technology. Students would be encouraged to pursue studies in Agro-Based
Technology at “Njala University.” The project will also create employment for a
substantial number of youths in the Moyamba District by working at proposed
agricultural sites. Njala University College

The Foundation intends to undertake the capacity to provide educational
supplies, library materials and scholarships to students. However, there are
modern inventions for wireless computing, a potential to revolutionize
technological access in schools. This helps to create one-to-one learning
opportunities that traditional methods of placing hardwired computers
throughout a school do not provide. A massive expansion of the program can be
undertaken for the entire Fourteen (14) Chiefdoms. It may be prudent to
collaborate with Libraries and higher institutions of learning in the United
States for books, coupled with firms to provide Laptop computers.

The Foundation plans to communicate with major Hospital Units in the United
States to establish “Mobil Unites” with the latest technology. (For example,
“Washington Hospital Center in DC,” “Mayo Clinic in Minnesota,” and the
“Cleveland Clinic in Ohio,” for the expansion of existing structures if and
when grant funding becomes available to help Hospital Administrators for
advanced technological services as may be recommended by experts from these
hospitals in in the United States.

It's an exciting time to be a partof the giving process to help our Agricultural Educational
and Health/Medical facilities grow. Our expected receipts from gifts or contributions
will provide us with a strong base of support to apply the funds where the need is greatest.
We are your Foundation - owned by the community at large and the people of the
Moyamba District in particular who depend on your support and generosity. We
need your help to continue to meet our needs and those of the people you love.
A gift to the Foundation is an investment in our community in Sierra Leone. Giving
online by using your credit card is fast, easy and secure. You can direct your
tax-deductible gift to the Foundation. New donors are welcome to make donation
today, your support will greatly benefit the foundation and the entire community.
Thank you for your support.

Moyamba Descendants Foundation refund policy:
Tax-deductible charitable
contributions made are irrevocable. If there are
extenuating circumstances,
please contact the Foundation at 202-294-5153
immediately and we will
review your case individually.